Focus on the Future? It’s an Honor!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) creates a path where everyone in an organization is invested. They’re engaged. All have “skin in the game.”

In short, it’s about the future.

Excel Legacy Group helps organizations design and implement ESOPs … and secure their future. A major regional chamber of commerce recently recognized the firm for its forward-looking services!

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce bestowed an honorable mention upon Excel Legacy Group in its “2021 Focus on the Future” awards. The firm was recognized in the “Talent” category.

Three nominees made the cut for finalist. Seven other businesses also shared honorable mention honors in the category.

Highly doubtful, though, that any of them were just six months old. Excel Legacy Group launched in February 2021!

“I love it!” said Patti Plough, President of Excel Legacy Group, of the firm being honored at such a young age. She “absolutely” plans to seek the award again.

The “Talent” category “recognizes companies improving retention rates, cultivating a cohesive company culture, upskilling employees or with other unique workforce accomplishments.” Patti didn’t hesitate when asked how her work with ESOPs addressed these criteria.

“When you create a company of owners you automatically improve your retention and attract new talent as well,” she said. “In addition, a company of owners is transformational for a company’s culture.”

Patti is a longtime member of MMAC, going back to her time leading Healics Inc., the health care company where she spearheaded the formation of an ESOP. Healics won several MMAC awards, including “Fastest Growing Companies” for three years straight.

Patti credited MMAC for helping her form many productive relationships. Still, she expected her “Focus on the Future” nomination to be put into a different category: “Innovation.” After all, she created a new business using her ESOP experience at Healics!

The judges obviously thought otherwise. An award’s an award, right?

The “Talent” category still makes plenty of sense. An ESOP is a valuable weapon in the war for talent raging among employers.

“You are creating owners, which creates a different mindset among employees,” Patti explained. “If you look at the retention rate of a company such as Woodman’s, which has an ESOP, you will be amazed. People don’t leave those positions, not even in today’s market.”

Southeastern Wisconsin, where Excel Legacy Group is based, has tens of thousands of businesses. Being acknowledged as one of the best and brightest is high praise indeed.

“At MMAC, we’re inspired by the examples of innovation, resilience and success we hear from Milwaukee region companies and their employees every day. It’s our honor to recognize some of those stories in this year’s Focus on the Future awards,” said Stephanie Hall, vice president of membership and small business at MMAC.

Inspired? Sounds like the organizations who craft ESOPs, as they literally focus on the future. Whether they win any awards or not, they and their employees certainly come out as winners