The Importance of a Proper Business Exit Strategy

small business exit strategy

A small business exit strategy is a plan for how you will transition out of your business when it’s time to retire or sell. It includes details on how you will transfer ownership of the business, what financial resources will be required, and who will take over responsibility for running the day-to-day operations. A well-crafted […]

Exit Strategies for Businesses

ESOP as an Exit or Succession Planning Strategy Are you ready to move on? A business exit strategy is a crucial plan that every entrepreneur or business owner must have in place to secure their financial future.  It involves the process of selling one’s ownership in a company, with the aim of maximizing profits or […]

How to Plan a Successful Business Exit

exit strategy for your business

Whether it is through retirement, selling your business, or something else entirely, it’s important to know the steps needed for a successful exit strategy for your business. This guide will provide an overview of what you should consider before deciding to move on from your business, and how Excel Legacy Group can help. Understanding Your […]