Business Exit Strategies – What You Need to Know.

“Every exit is an entrance somewhere else.” – Tom Stoppard The reality you never could have imagined, all those years ago, is here. Business exit strategy? Succession plan? Strange acronyms such as “ESOP?” Seriously? Creating is hard. Letting go might be even harder. It’s time to exit the business you spent your life – employing […]

Everything You Need To Know About An ESOP

ESOPs (employee stock ownership plans) have historically been misunderstood. As a result, they haven’t always been as popular as, say, opting to sell outright to a private equity group.

How An ESOP Valuation Works

An ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) is a type of employee benefit plan that gives employees stock options and allowing them to buy shares in the company at a set price. 

How To Set Up An ESOP Plan

Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) are becoming increasingly popular, not just as a viable succession plan for business owners, but also for the company.

Nurse Turned Entrepreneur [Leading from the Front Podcast]

Patti Plough Nurse Became business owner

About This Episode Patti Plough (last name rhymes with blue) started as a nurse. A doctor told her she was more of an entrepreneur than a nurse. She had to look up the definition. That started her journey from paycheck to ownership. Patti built the company on empathy first then service to the clients. And […]