Success Story

Our personal experience of selling through an ESOP has provided us with the insight you can count on.

Strategic planning

We strive to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive ESOP services to help our clients in achieving their goals for their ESOPs. Our consultants, lawyers and investment bankers help companies determine whether and how to establish and finance new ESOPs. Lastly, upon completion, ELG will organize and execute a company event to celebrate and communicate these new changes for your employees and communities.


Having successfully sold their previous company through an ESOP they can guide you through the process to ensure a smooth transition. 


 ELG brings together a wealth of experience and resources from groups of ESOP lawyers, consultants and investment bankers.


Our tailored solutions and diverse team of professionals have been utilized by a diverse range of industries and company sizes.

patti plough

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Patti Plough, The ESOP Evangelist, is a woman of faith and a gifted entrepreneur who has established several successful businesses throughout her 30-year career. She has extensive experience buying, selling, and running businesses. This expertise developed over time has allowed her the ability to assist and give the small business owners options for retirement or exiting their business in a dignified way.

Plough graduated in 1976 with a nursing degree from Gateway Technical College and then worked for 15 years as a bedside nurse in a variety of settings before she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey.

Currently Plough holds several board of directors’ positions including one at Healics Holdings, Inc. Milwaukee, WI. An industry-leader and 100% employee-owned ESOP Holding Company with four portfolio companies – Healics Wellness, Healics Clinics, Healics Technology and Core Staffing Group.

Prior to transitioning to her BOD position at Healics, Plough was the President/CEO of Operations at Healics through June 2020. In that position, Plough implemented a continuous improvement and quality control system that contributed to the company’s high client retention rate.

History of success


Plough established her first business, Corporate Health Planners, LLC conducting insurance physicals and investigations. At that time, she met Leigh Cord, the founder of Healics, and began selling and servicing his health risk assessment tool.


While continuing to lead Corporate Health Planners, Plough founded a second company, Events-R-Us, LLC.


Events-R-Us, LLC acquires three competitors adding additional services such as a speaker’s bureau to their business portfolio and re-names the company Speakers & Events-R-Us, LLC.


When Cord retired in 2011, Plough partnered to purchase Healics. Becoming the President/CEO of Operations.


Healics acquires two competitors and merges with another. Adding additional services such as employer sponsored clinics.


Patti spear heads Healics becoming a 100% employee-owned ESOP. This transition was finalized in 2020.


Plough led the way for a new division of Healics. COVID testing solutions...which wins the Mother of invention award from MMAC’s Focus on the Future.


Plough launches Excel Legacy Group, LLC to assist business owners prepare for retirement or exiting their business in a dignified way. In addition, protecting their legacy, business culture and their trusted employees.

Our services

Our ESOP consultants, attorneys and financial professionals have more than 75 years of experience working with ESOPs. Our depth and breadth of experience set us apart from other ESOP consulting companies. The professionals with ELG have implemented ESOPs for more than 500 companies and have completed more than 1,000 ESOP-related transactions. We work with companies nationwide across all industries.


If an ESOP is ultimately the best strategic choice for you to accomplish your objectives, ELG will assist you in exploring the appropriate size, structure and financing terms, among other areas, of your ESOP plan, to ensure the feasibility of a successful transaction. This analysis will model how the ESOP will impact the company, the selling owners and the employees.


ELG affiliates have decades of experience in structuring and financing ESOP transactions and working with lenders of all types across the country. Most of our clients rely upon us to help them structure transactions through the ESOP feasibility study process. Many then engage our affiliated investment banks, to raise ESOP financing through a competitive bid process or to assist in negotiating financing terms within an existing banking relationship.

legal services

Our professionals have the skills and expertise to assist owners in balancing their needs with those of the company and its employees to create successful and sustainable employee ownership outcomes. Through our affiliated ESOP attorneys we assist companies in the legal process of establishing and funding an ESOP, including preparing the transaction, financial and legal documents with an eye toward minimizing fiduciary risk.